Tracking Climate Change

In the past 365 days in the U.S. In the {{year}}s in the U.S. there were

{{data[year].ratio | number: 2}} high temperature records
for every
1 low temperature record

Stable Climate

Temperature Records out of Balance

Daily record high temperatures are now occurring more often than new record lows across the continental United States, due to climate change.

In a stable climate, the number of new record highs and lows are approximately even. However in our warming climate, record highs have begun to outpace record lows, with the imbalance growing each decade going back 30 years. The ratio of record highs to record lows over the last 365 days is a snapshot look. The trend driven by climate change is clearest when looking over decades.

This trend is one of the strongest signals of climate change that we experience directly. Read more at